Sunflower land dominates thanks to the launch of SFL

Sunflower land dominates thanks to the launch of SFL

Virtual worlds perform poorly as token prices fall amid bearish market trends

Sunflower Land topped the weekly gaming charts as it saw the launch of its original SFL token. This boosted the game’s activity, despite the token price fluctuation. Impressively, virtual worlds are still struggling, with token prices collapsing due to the bear market plaguing the entire space.

WorldWideWebb is the only virtual world to hit the charts this week, and an impressive number two. One of the savings advantages of the project, given the rather unfavorable market conditions, is the fact that it does not have an original code yet.

Blockchain games account for 52% of all on-chain activity, according to our latest BGA Blockchain game report for Q1 2022. This article looks at the top game dapps of the month by combining on-chain activity, NFT trading volumes, token valuations, and surrounding news. by projects.

Browse the full list of the 10 best blockchain games of the month below. Click on the respective image to learn more about each platform. Alternatively, check out the helpful video below, which summarizes the arrangement for a quick view.

Top 10 Blockchain Games – Week 19

1. The land of sunflowers

Sunflower Land has imitated the success of its predecessor Sunflower Farms and is now topping the top weekly blockchain gaming charts. The game this week saw the launch of its original token SFL, boosting activity on the platform.

2. WorldWideWebb

WorldWideWebb is the only virtual world to hit the charts this week. The platform has attracted more than half a million dollars in NFT trading volume in the past seven days.

3. Splinterlands

Last week’s winner Splinterlands slipped two places in this week’s rankings. Nevertheless, the game continues to attract a huge player base, despite the low rating of its original code. In the past 7 days, Splinterlands has attracted 456,900 unique active portfolios.

4. Axi Infinity

Revival giant Axie Infinity has managed to hack the Ronin Bridge and is now back in the top blockchain gaming rankings. Furthermore, Sky Mavis continues to bring new products to Axie players by launching the Origin version on Android mobile devices. When it comes to performance, Axie Infinity has attracted over 38,000 unique active wallets in the past seven days.

5. Arc8

The Arc8 mobile gaming platform is on the rise this week to rank fifth. The platform introduced several updates at the beginning of May. Users can now participate in tournaments to give rewards in various tokens including TOWER and QUICK. Moreover, the platform has attracted more than 28,000 unique active wallets.

6. Aavegotchi

Polygon-based Aavegotchi has had a stellar week, as players flock to enjoy the Gotchiverse. The game ranks sixth this week after attracting more than 9,000 player wallets and over $300,000 in NFT trading volume.

7. Pegaxy

Polygon’s rising star Pegaxy ranked seventh this week as the team launched a beta test of the game’s mobile app. This release drove the activity of the game, which attracted more than 64,000 unique active wallets in the past seven days.

8. Mobox

Farming game BSC NFT Mobox ranked 8th this week. With the hype and novelty of Momoverse waning, Mobox has found a stable returning user base. In the past seven days, Mobox has generated more than $2 million in NFT trading volume.

9. Farmer’s World

The second farming game to hit the list this week is Farmers World. Although the team is not very active on social media, the platform on the Wax blockchain has managed to attract a strong user base. Last week, Farmers World attracted over 162,000 unique active wallets.

10. Crapada

Last but not least this week we have our 10th Crabada Ranking. Idle play for profit has managed to emerge stronger after several turbulent weeks for the team and platform. Most importantly, Crabada has now successfully completed a bridge to the Swimmer Network from its original series Avalanche.

Polygon is taken over by Sunflower Lands

The Polygon blockchain has been acquired by Sunflower Land once again. The pre-game Sunflower Farm managed to seal the series, but the new version is more stable and accommodates new players in stages.

While the game is still building its user base, the launch of the original SFL token boosted the activity significantly. Players were able to win SFL in the alpha and beta versions of the game, however, withdrawals are not enabled. Now everyone has the opportunity to cash out their SFL winnings and exchange the token for other cryptocurrencies on decentralized exchanges. Or, of course, invest more in Sunflower Land for more riches.

If you want to learn more about Sunflower Farms and the SFL token, check out this detailed overview. We will continue to monitor the game as it will feature more new players in the coming months. Follow DappRadar on Twitter To get the latest blockchain gaming news first.

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