trophy blog |  "2D vs Katana" The Kick Starter of Trophee

trophy blog | “2D vs Katana” The Kick Starter of Trophee

“Katana” (nicknamed the Japanese Sword), a cold steel blade bred through titanic efforts forged under the hot red flames and sweat of skilled swordsmiths. Said to be the epitome of Japanese art, the katana frame shines under the fading moon and sparkles with unparalleled beauty.

You might be wondering where all the amazing Japanese sword action made by the many manga artists on Trophee come from. Well, you are in luck today and we have news for you!

2d vs katana

The origins of this exquisite artwork are Japanese sword. “2D vs Katana” is a seasonal traveling exhibition initially held in Hayashibara Museum of Art, Bizen Osafuni Sword MuseumAnd Setoshi Municipal Museum of Art in Okayama Prefecture. The exhibition demonstrated the combined efforts of both physical and imaginary, with both sword and manga artists collaborating to shape physical Japanese swords and create illustrations of these swords.

Over 12 Japanese graphic designers and Master Sword Smith gathered for the 2D vs Katana exhibition. One of the biggest names involved Kazuo Koike. his drawings lone wolf and cubAnd painted by his partner the painter, joseki kojimaIt was one of the first Japanese cartoons to gain international support. “josuke samuraiFollower lone wolf and cub It was auctioned at Trophee.

It was last held at the Seki Traditional Swordsmith Museum between December 4, 2020 to February 1, 2021

This means a real sword for every drawing you see in the gallery or “2D vs Katana” collection on Trophee. Although it is not for sale, you can visit the gallery to appreciate the beauty of the physical blade.

We have 16 different NFTs of gallery for you to collect the cup.

Kiriko Yumeji: The only strength

The only force on Trophee BSC

The most watched, most challenging and often used piece of all exhibition posters. Instead of using practical designs that actual weapons would use, the blacksmith decided to create something more ambitious. A bouquet of flowers grows from the grip of that sword, and in order to remain faithful to the source material, the swordsmith incorporated them into the piece, as shown in this shot from early in the production process.

Likewise, losing the ridiculously long handguard was not an option.

It’s hard to notice in the original illustration, but the sword is actually made of two blades, one located inside the other, with two slits at the tip. Like flowers and handguard, this is the kind of boom that is not a problem at all when working with pen and paper, but can be a big problem when the tools of your trade are hammers and steel. What does the end result look like?

Very awesome indeed!

Yuuji Kaeda: The Fierce Sword of God

The fierce sword of God on the BSC cup

It was drawn by monster illustrator Yuji Kaeda aka Guzilla’s original illustrator. This is an ingenious piece that is just like the game and is also the centerpiece of the exhibitions. Despite the event’s name, the work is not necessarily entirely derived from traditional Japanese sword designs. For example, the Devil’s Sword, a product of the imagination of veteran sci-fi artist and creatures Yuji Kaeda, is like being at home in the hands of a knight like a samurai.

Yoh Fujishiro: Firm and Promise

Determination and Promises on Trophee BSC

Based on the novel “Tsurugi no Yume” and done in collaboration with the famous swordsman Sadanobu Tsukiyama, Yoh Fujishiro’s pieces have shone wonderfully in exhibitions.

“The process was fun,” said Yoh Fujishiro.

Naoto Sata: Hinoiro – Forges the blade of friendship and grasps the blade with determination

Hinoiro Forging Friendship Blade And Sticking The Blade Design On Trophee BSC

“Hinoiro: Forging the Code of Friendship” and “Hinoiro: Wielding the Blade” are seen in the exhibitions’ advertising materials. These works by Naoto Sata have captured the attention of many through exhibition propagandists, yet they remain impressive pieces engraved in the memories of many who visited the exhibition halls.

Seen up close, the blade was shaped by the national treasure “Koke Masamune”. It is a sight you must see!

Many great works…

“2D vs Katana” is an amazing gallery and a collection full of surprises. Other pieces in the collection include:

Akira Iwato ritual
Two Faces – Yoshinori Akasaka
Dragon Twin by Tetsuya Sakata
Revenge of Hiroyuki Uchi
Giou from Tale of the Heike by Kitaro Arima
Japanese swords 100 years after Ayumi Izumitani
Katanasukawre by Kazasa Sumida
Dragon Fire Sword by Kohichi Nakano
Cheater Tiger Kohichi Nakano’s Sword

As Trophee progresses, there will be more interesting NFTs on your way; So stay tuned for other exciting collections in the near future.

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