Google Cloud Forms Web3 team with a focus on Blockchain

Google Cloud Forms Web3 team with a focus on Blockchain

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  • Google Cloud is said to be setting up a Web3 team that will focus on providing blockchain services to enterprises.
  • Google Cloud Vice President Amit Zavery confirmed details of the division’s plans to CNBC, which broke the news today.
  • The department previously announced the details in January and has partnered with blockchain projects in recent years.

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Google Cloud is creating a team tasked with developing services for enterprise customers looking to take advantage of blockchain technology.

Cloud Blockchain Team Growing

Google Cloud is seeking to add employees to its blockchain team.

In an email, Google Cloud Vice President Amit Zavery said the company’s cloud platform aims to become the number one choice for developers working on Web3. He described Web3 as “a market that really shows huge potential” and said customers are asking for more support for Web3 and cryptocurrency.

Zafrey explained to CNBC that the department “is not trying to be a part of… [the] The cryptocurrency wave directly.” Instead, it provides companies with access to blockchain technology. In other words, the division will provide blockchain as a service to enterprise users, giving those users the ability to navigate blockchain data or operate blockchain nodes.

The services will be similar to those offered by big tech companies like Alibaba and Amazon, and previously Microsoft – the latter of which ended their Azure blockchain services last year.

Reports from CNBC today also indicate that former Citigroup CEO James Trumans, who joined Google in 2019, will lead the blockchain team and report to Zavery.

Previous Google Cloud Efforts

Google Cloud previously revealed plans for its digital assets team and expressed many of the same goals in January. At the time, Google said it was looking at ways for customers to make crypto payments as well as take advantage of various other enterprise services they offer. It has also collaborated with several blockchain projects, including EOS, Ontology, Chainlink, Theta Network, Hedera Hashgraph, and Dapper Labs’ Flow blockchain.

Google Cloud usually acts as a node operator, participates in the governance of the blockchain, or provides ways to manipulate data. In addition to these partnerships, Google cloud also began independently managing cryptographic datasets for blockchain networks such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others in 2018.

Most recently, Google Cloud added support for Polygon (MATIC) data sets to BigQuery in May 2021.

Disclosure: At the time of writing, the author of this article owns less than $100 of BTC, ETH, and other cryptocurrencies.

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